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Data Exchange Platform

The Data Exchange Platform (DXP) is a data sharing platform that enables Medical Device Company case management and/or ERP systems to extract data from Provider systems, dramatically improving the Order to Cash process.

The platform sits between Device Companies systems and their Customer’s systems enabling real time communication of the Case Schedule, Inventory Allocation, Usage and Purchase Orders.

DXP has no user inface and is developed so that both the Device Companies, and their Customers can leverage their current technologies and workflows with any interruption.

The platform massages and translates the data it receives from these systems into the appropriate language and structure needed for the recipient systems.

Because DXP is system agonistic, it is able to interconnect at scale, allowing access to the vast majority of the Hospital and ASC market, while also interconnecting to the key Device Manufacturers. This enables both the Device companies and ASCs/Hospital to reach most, if not all, their Accounts / Suppliers with a single integration

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