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Watch iTraycer + Terso: RFID Loaner Kit Solution Video

In concert with our partners at Terso, we put together the below video demonstrating our combined solution. As most of the industry knows, the ability to ensure total visibility of kit contents and their exact location in real time was nearly impossible. It’s not anymore.

Learn about Terso’s #RFID Loaner Kit Solution and see how you can #KnowNow.

About Terso Solutions Terso Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of automated inventory management solutions for tracking high-value medical and scientific products in healthcare and life science. Terso is backed by 15 years of RFID product development and implementation experience, with a product line that includes RAIN RFID cabinets, refrigerators, freezers (-20C to -80C), mobile solutions, and read points. Terso has deployed over 3,500 RAIN RFID-enabled sensors worldwide. Headquartered in Madison, WI, with additional offices in Walldorf, Germany and Tokyo, Japan, Terso Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Promega Corporation. For more information please contact Terso at 1.888.376.0257 or visit their website at

About Medical Tracking Solutions Medical Tracking Solutions Inc., a team of medical device industry experts, developed iTraycer to meet the day-to-day challenges of medical device companies. The system’s multifunctional software facilitates communication and collaboration across the enterprise and enables companies to make critical, fact-based decisions with real-time information. For more information, please contact MTS at 904.607.9419, email, or visit the website at

Jonathan Tillman CEO, Medical Tracking Solutions

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